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Warriors of Life
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Cultures of noble warrior protectors are found throughout all ages of humankind in countless civilizations across the globe. A few brave men and women choose to put the welfare and security of their neighbors ahead of their own, and take to the battlefield to stop any invaders who would violate their community. For the aware warrior, many clashes bring much insight. Through facing death we find deeper truths about life. After enduring much heartbreaking bloodshed, we are moved to build a powerful peace where all families' children may grow up in health and happiness. Wayne Omura writes of his insights into the ages-old struggle of the warrior who puts others ahead of self on dangerous battlefronts. Enjoy his words, wrestle with his observations, and see what realizations come to your mind after all the campaigns of your life. Stephen K. Hayes Black Belt Hall of Fame Founder, To-Shin Do Ninja Heritage Martial Arts I highly recommend Warriors of Life for all martial artists. Omura deals with the wisdom and meaning of the martial arts as it applies to everyday life. The sayings and philosophy can be approached and interpreted in various individual ways. This book can be used to hone anyone's path to perfection. Heinz Schlue 5th Dan Nippon Kan Aikido 5th Dan Shin Go Ju Ryu Karate 3rd Dan Yawara Jutsu Wayne Omura lives and writes in Denver, Colorado. He is the author of Movies and the Meaning of Life: The Most Profound Films in Cinematic History and Zen Foot-Notes: Upon the Unknown Passage.

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